hostinger vs namecheap hosting: WP install – Speed – Pricing

Installing WordPress on Hosting is beginners-friendly, but it does not offer much settings and customization.

On the other hand, installing WP on Namecheap can be complicated if its the first time you use the Auto Installer app.

Between the two, I prefer installing WP on Namecheap because it let me choose the backup settings, which is very important for the security of my new site.


Before testing the website speed on each hosting (Hostinger and NameCheap), the test websites should be identical in terms of the used theme, the plugins installed. This is why I will install some plugins in my Hosting test site.

With Hostinger, failed plugin installation is common. To fix it, I have to go File Manager app and delete the failed installation folder.

No worries, the Easy Table of Contents plugin was installed even it showed the failing message.

Both test websites have the same 9 active plugins and the same theme.

Lets start the speed tests:

PageSpeed Insights results

 Hostinger website: 79 on mobile / 88 on desktop

 NameCheap website: 82 on mobile / 95.5 on desktop WINNER

GTmetrix speed tests:

 Hostinger website: A/A grade / Performance 98% / 99% WINNER

 NameCheap website: B/A grade / Performance 87% / 91%

Pingdom speed test:

Hostinger website:  B grade (83) / Load time 366 ms TIE

 NameCheap website: B grade (83) / Load time 314 ms

From my experience using NameCheap and Hosting for months, my websites hosted on Hosting are faster. When I moved from Siteground to Namecheap, Ahrefs report started showing a lot of slow pages, but it was not the case when I created similar new sites on Hosting.

To conclude, from real life experience, Hosting is the winner in terms of speed.


Testing the pricing of both hosting providers is not simple because the plans are not 100% the same over each provider. 

I will compare the popular shared plans.


1 year : $2.99/mo – renews at $83.88/year

2 years: $2.99/mo – renews at $71.76/year WINNER

3 year: $2.99/mo – renews at $143.52/year


1 year : $2.18/mo – renews at $75.88/year WINNER

2 years: $2.88/mo – renews at $150.88/year

3 year: Not available

When we talk just about pricing (I mean, we don’t take into consideration the performance and other features), Hosting is the winner if you are ordering long terms (2 year or 3 years). 

NameCheap is the winner in terms of pricing only if you are buying the 2 year plan.


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