DreamHost Offer

Are you in search of reliable yet affordable web hosting?

Well, today is your lucky day!

I’m excited to offer you a full year of hosting and a .com or .net domain name for Free.

Yes, you heard it right – A well-known web hosting and a domain name, for free!

The web hosting your will get is DreamHost, which is endorsed by WordPress.

Watch this video until the end to see that this offer is 100% legitimate.

After thoroughly tested DreamHost and confirmed its reliability and beginner-friendliness, I became a partner with them. 

So, for every qualified person I refer to DreamHost, they provide me with a commission.

But instead of keeping all the commission to myself, I thought, why not pay you back for your hosting and domain name registration, so they became free?

This is simply the principle of this idea.

As a bonus, you’ll gain access to my course, “DreamHost for Beginners – Master it Quickly.” which explains things you may need down the road like:

– How to easily move a WordPress site to DreamHost with zero downtime?

– How to link your DreamHost domain name with other services such as Blogger or Shopify.

– How to create an email on DreamHost and link it to Gmail.

And If you need further assistance, you’ll also receive a free 1-hour consultation with me via phone call or Zoom.

Wondering how to get of all these benefits for free?

Simply go to DreamHost using my personal link BensExperience.com/dreamhost, get yourself 1 year of WordPress Unlimited hosting plan. Then, send me a screenshot of the payment receipt at ben@bensexperience.com and don’t forget your PayPal or Payoneer address, So I’ll be able to pay you back what you’ve paid to dreamiest, which is $35 and 40 cents.

To ensure a smooth process, I’m only accepting 7 people for this offer this month, and I’ll pause it until the next month. So, act fast and secure your spot today.

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