How to Make Your Website Live on Hostinger

Hey everyone, welcome to Ben’s Experience! In this guide, I’ll show you how to make your website live on Hostinger. There are three common scenarios where you might need to do this, and I’ll cover each one in detail.

Scenario 1: Starting from Scratch

If you’ve just created your Hostinger account and see the default Hostinger page, it means you don’t have any website live yet. Here’s how to add one:

  1. Log in to Your Hostinger Account: Once logged in, you’ll be on your dashboard.
  2. Add a Website: Click on “Websites” from the top menu, then click “Add Website”.
  3. Choose Your Platform: You have two options: WordPress or Hostinger’s website builder. For basic websites like blogs or e-commerce shops, I recommend using the Hostinger website builder. For more advanced sites, go with WordPress.
  4. Set Up Your Site:
    • WordPress: Select your site language, fill in your admin email, and create a password. Click “Next”.
    • Hostinger Website Builder: Follow the prompts to choose a template and customize your site.
  5. Domain Name: Enter your domain name. If you don’t have one, use a temporary domain provided by Hostinger. Click “Next”.
  6. Install and Go Live: Hostinger will now install your chosen platform. Once complete, your new WordPress or Hostinger-built website will be live.

Scenario 2: Disabling the ‘Coming Soon’ Page

If you see a ‘Coming Soon’ page, it means this feature is activated in your Hostinger account. To deactivate it:

  1. Log in to WordPress: Navigate to the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Disable Maintenance Mode: Go to “Overview” and disable the maintenance mode next to it.
  3. Refresh Your Site: Once disabled, refresh your page, and your website should be live.

Scenario 3: Hostinger Website Builder ‘Coming Soon’ Page

If your site is built using the Hostinger website builder and shows a ‘Coming Soon’ page, you need to deactivate this mode:

  1. Log in to Your Hostinger Account: Access the website builder.
  2. Update Website Settings: Disable the ‘Coming Soon’ mode.
  3. Refresh Your Site: Click “Update Website” and refresh the page to see your site live.

That’s it! You’ve now made your website live on Hostinger.

Before you go, I have something special for you. I’m offering two free online video courses: the first is about Hostinger hosting and WordPress management, and the second teaches you how to use Hostinger website builder to create basic websites or online shops. You can get both for free by clicking the link in the description.

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