How to Install WordPress in HostGator cPanel: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Accessing HostGator C Panel and WordPress Manager
    • Log in to your HostGator account and navigate to your website settings.
    • Under the “Advanced” section, find and click on the C panel option.
    • Once inside C panel, scroll down to locate the “Software” section and click on “WordPress Manager.”
  2. Installing WordPress
    • Inside WordPress Manager, click on the “Install” button.
    • Ensure to select HTTPS for a secure connection and choose your domain name.
    • Opt for the latest WordPress version for optimal performance.
  3. Setting Up Your WordPress Site
    • Provide a name and description for your WordPress site.
    • Create a strong username and password for your WordPress admin account.
    • Enter your email address and select your preferred language.
  4. Advanced Options (Optional)
    • Decide whether to install additional plugins during setup.
    • You can customize your database name or prefix, although it’s recommended for advanced users.
  5. Completing the Installation and Clearing Cache
    • Click on “Install” to initiate the WordPress installation process.
    • Once installed, clear your browser cache or use the WordPress control panel to clear cache.
    • Log in to your WordPress website to access and start customizing your new site.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly install WordPress in HostGator’s cPanel and begin building your website with ease. For visual guidance, refer to the video tutorial mentioned in the transcript for a more detailed walkthrough.

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