How to Buy Hostinger Hosting with Free Domain: a Step-By-Step Guide

Hello everyone! Welcome to this video tutorial where I’ll guide you through the process of purchasing Hostinger with a free domain name. By the end of this video, you’ll have your own premium hosting plan with free SSL, email, and a domain name. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Visit Hostinger using the Special Link

The first step is crucial. Visit Hostinger using my personal link: You can find it in the video description. Once you’re on the site, click on the “Claim Deal” button to get started.

Step 2: Choose Your Hosting Plan

Hostinger offers various hosting plans, and for this demonstration, I’ll choose the Premium plan. This plan provides 100 websites, free SSL, free email, and a free domain name. Additionally, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 support.

Step 3: Select Subscription Period and Provide Information

Choose your subscription period; for this video, I’ll go with 12 months. Enter your email address to create a Hostinger account, set a password, and choose your preferred payment method. Hostinger offers five payment options; in this case, I’ll use a credit card. The name, phone number, and address are optional, so feel free to skip them by clicking on “Skip.”

Step 4: Register Your Free Domain

Now comes the exciting part – registering your free domain. Choose a domain name, select the extension (.net or .com), and click “Search” to see if it’s available. Once you find an available domain, hit “Continue,” provide your personal information, and click “Finish Registration.”

Step 5: Choose Server Location

Select a server location that is close to your target audience. Hostinger provides eight server locations. This ensures better website performance for your visitors, especially if you’re targeting a specific region, like Europe.

Step 6: Verify Email and Confirm Hostinger Account

After registering, click on “Manage Site” to access your Hostinger account. Visit your website using the provided link. To safeguard your domain name, click “Verify Email” and follow the prompts to confirm your email address.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully purchased Hostinger with a free domain name. Your website is up and running. Don’t forget to click “Verify Email” to confirm your Hostinger account and ensure the security of your domain. If you found this tutorial helpful, please give it a like and subscribe for more content. Thank you for watching!

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