Fastest Web Hosting Providers 2024: Tested & Reviewed

Hey everyone, welcome to Ben’s Experience! After testing different shared hosting providers, I found that Hostinger is the fastest one in 2024. In this post, I will share how it compares to DreamHost, Bluehost, HostGator, and Namecheap. If you want to check out Hostinger, I’ve put my affiliate link down below. Thanks for using it to support the channel, and let’s dive into the details.

Hostinger: The Fastest in 2024

In my experience, and that of many others who have used Hostinger, fast loading is a noticeable and consistent feature. Despite being in the sector of affordable hosting, Hostinger maintains quick loading times. My website on Hostinger loads quickly, and when I was preparing for this loading speed test, I mentally braced myself to encounter the same sluggishness I experienced when two of my sites were hosted on Namecheap between 2021 and 2022. To my surprise, I was mistaken.

After installing the Astra theme and one of their blog templates to mimic real life, the loading speed of different pages on my blog was surprisingly quick. I wondered if Namecheap’s servers got better or if the plugins I was using were the problem. Seeking a second opinion, I checked the speed using tools like GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, and Pingdom. The website received an A, indicating everything looks good. According to GTmetrix, my homepage size was 1.31 MB and it fully loaded in just 1.5 seconds, which is impressive. However, PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom gave me lower grades. Overall, I’m satisfied with this speed.

Comparing Hostinger with Other Providers


Having used Bluehost many times before this video, I can say that Bluehost is slightly slower than Hostinger but definitely faster to load than DreamHost.


After setting up my WordPress site on HostGator, I installed the Astra theme along with a template containing some content to mimic a real website. Surprisingly, the website loaded quite quickly during my browsing sessions. I used a tool called Pingdom to check how well the website was doing; it gave my site a B grade, which is like 90 out of 100. This was quite promising. Additionally, I ran the website through Google’s PageSpeed Insights, which provided scores of 70 for mobile and 89 for computer.


While DreamHost has many positive aspects, there are some not-so-good aspects to consider. One of them is the average speed. I conducted a split comparison with Hostinger to demonstrate the difference. In the comparison, DreamHost didn’t load as quickly as Hostinger. If you still want to go with DreamHost, just remember to optimize your WordPress by installing only the necessary plugins, using a lightweight theme, and optimizing the size of your photos.


Based on my tests, Hostinger stands out as the fastest web hosting provider in 2024. Its quick loading times, even for an affordable hosting option, make it an excellent choice. Bluehost and HostGator also offer competitive speeds, though not quite matching Hostinger. DreamHost, while slower, can still be a viable option if optimized correctly.

If you’re looking for a fast, reliable, and affordable hosting provider, I highly recommend giving Hostinger a try. You can use my affiliate link to support the channel: Hostinger Free Courses.

Thanks for reading, and happy hosting!

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